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Industries We Serve

Plastics Industry

  • Rail or Truck Deliveries

    Located on CSX Railroad and just minutes from I-75 and US-33

  • Storage

    Railcar and warehouse storage available with loading/unloading via bulk trailer or gaylords

  • Packaging and Unpackaging

    Ability to fill or empty gaylords of product.

Bulk, Drum & Tote Storage

  • Products Handled

    Caustic Soda, Acids, Fertilizer, Urea, Plastics, Corrosives, Petroleums, Vegetable Oils, AG Products, Glycols

  • Tank & Rail Car Storage

    Jacketed tanks with steam heater, and track available for chemical car inventory with weekly steam and air

  • Warehousing & Bulk Packaging

    We can store, fill or empty chemical drums and totes in a dry or refrigerated environment

Food Grade Storage

  • Certified & Inspected

    USDA and independently inspected facilities

  • Storage Capabilities

    Dry and refrigerated space available for ingredients and/or finished product

  • Monitoring

    Controlled access and temperature monitoring/recording

Metals & Parts

  • Moisture Controlled Receiving

    Ability to transload products via truck or rail in an indoor, moisture & temperature controlled environment

  • Controlled Storage

    Controlled access, clean and organized storage space with ability to provide visible inventories

  • Inventory Control

    Barcoded and warehouse management system assures trackability of all products

Customized Services

  • Service Upgrades

    24/7 operations, packaging, shrink wrapping, banding, sorting, collating, toting, drumming, gaylord filling, bagging, labeling, blending, steam boiler heating, and weighing. Other customized service upgrades available upon request.

  • Custom Requests

    Other customized service upgrades available upon request. Contact us to discuss.

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