Rail Yard

Rail accessibility is a key factor in ensuring we provide seamless bulk terminal services to our customers

What We Can Offer:

Our campus is located directly on the CSX railroad and equipped to store, load and unload rail cars as efficiently as possible.

Switching Capability

Company owned switcher plays an integral part in moving cars at the appropriate time

CSX Railroad

Located on the CSX railroad, we consider CSX to be an important partner in our offerings


70 spots available for rail transloading and storage

Indoor Rail Access

An indoor track is available to safely and securely unload boxcars for commodities that have temperature & moisture requirements

Partnerships & Affiliations

Our involvement in the below associations double as your resources to solve your distribution needs.

American Industrial Partners believes that membership in professional associations enhances our goal of continual improvements. Sharing knowledge in the areas of new technologies, equipment and better business practices helps our business grow. Each association or affiliation adds to the level of service that AIP customers receive.  
  • International Warehouse and Logistics Association (IWLA)
  • Transload Distribution Association of North America (TDANA)
  • Ohio Trucking Association (OTA)
  • Metal Control Association (MCA)
  • Wapakoneta Chamber of Commerce & Economic Development Council